Available Services from Digital Impact Communications


Design Services

Design services by Digital Impact CommunicationsIn addition to state of the art printing, we also offer an array of design-on-demand and digital retouching options.

Whether you need a business card, a banner, a billboard, or a trade show display, don't hesitate to ask about our design services. Our knowledge of the production process means that we can ensure your job is set up optimally for large format output.

When it comes to photography, we can also help you to get exactly the look you want, from color correction to cleanup to fantastic manipulations. Even if you're already an experienced Photoshop jockey, we can help make your photos look the way they're supposed to, every time.


Fine Art Reproductions

Fine art reproductions by Digital Impact CommunicationsOne of our prime interests is the museum-grade reproduction of your fine artwork. We offer numerous options to the artist in terms of media and reproduction techniques, and our services include canvas stretching and archival varnish finishing.

We have extensive experience with the reproduction of diverse types of media, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, pencil, pen, or charcoal drawings, lithographs photographs, and others. Whatever your original artwork, we can help you choose the reproduction solution that meets your artistic and financial needs.


Trade Show Graphics

Trade show graphics by Digital Impact Communications

We also specialize in the production of high-quality trade show graphics for permanent or temporary use. Booth graphics, banners, pop-up displays – you name it, we do it all. We also offer rental of tradeshow equipment.

When it comes to booth graphics, our SuperLam™ solution is second to none and offers unparalled durability and versatility. Let your graphics speak for themselves without having to worry about what condition they'll be in when the next show rolls around.


Outdoor Signage & Automobile Graphics

Outdoor signs and auto graphics by Digital Impact Communications

We offer a wide range of premium solvent-based solutions for your outdoor signage and vehicle wrap needs. 8-color outdoor printing means that your graphics will have unmatched vibrance, and high-quality laminates ensure that they will stay that way.

Our high performance materials allow for smoothly applied, permanent or removable graphics which are nearly impervious to UV fade, water damage, or vandalism, all while maintaining a gallery-quality look.


High Resolutaion Scanning

High Resolution scanning by Digital Impact Communications

We offer a number of options when it comes to scanning or digitizing your original artwork.

For the scanning of film or smaller reflective artwork, we offer drum scanning at up to 8000 dpi. This allows the production of files up to several gigabytes in size, usable for any application including billboard imaging.

We can also scan your large format artwork (up to 42" wide) with our flatbed machine. This is the perfect option for the digitization of blueprints, posters, and original art.

Whatever your requirements, all Digital Impact scans include color correction, image optimization, and cleanup, so that your image will look as good as it possibly can.


Mounting and Lamination

Mounting and lamination services by Digital Impact Communications

A print is only as good as its finish. That's why we offer a wide variety of mounting and lamination services designed to enhance and protect your artwork.

Our mounting options include substrates such ranging from the ever-popular foamcore to reverse mount plexiglas. There are so many possibilities in this order that we can't even begin to list them here, so get in touch with us to discuss the best choices for your application.

Our selection of laminates is similarly diverse — gloss, matte, satin, hot, cold, indoor, outdoor, textured, smooth — we carry dozens of laminates because we know that different situations require different products, and with that in mind, we offer something for everyone.

In addition to mounting and lamination, we also offer a number of other finishing options such as grommets, frames, contour cutting, and more. The sky's the limit.